behind lens
our love story

It does seem as we were predetermined to meet even though we grew up 2,300 miles apart, from two different worlds. “Midwest girl meets So-Cal boy”.  Although our upbringings were slightly different, Mat had burritos, the ocean and surf, Holly had chili, the Ohio river and forests, we both found ourselves drawn to imagery.  Holly always had a connection with photos, spending hours as a child flipping through her parents albums, an obsession with fashion magazines and a natural ability to draw what she saw.  Mat is technical by nature, building computers at a young age and in his teens he started making his own videos.  Our adult careers were in place, Mat a freelance videographer and Holly a finance manager, but finally as fate would have it, our paths connected several times before we finally went on that “first date”.  And once we did, there was no looking back, we imagine you might relate!  

It wasn’t long until we both realized that we both “see photos”, even without a camera in hand, we tend to frame a photo in front of us and even step a foot over to create an image in our head. And after shooting a cousin’s wedding, our true romance with not only each other but wedding photography started to officially blossom. This ignited each of us to follow a dream that before seemed impossible. We knew that we were meant to do life “together,” not just marriage, but also as partners, best friends, and dreamers, documenting the world around us, bringing to life the visions that we see.  As if this was our destined path, delivering the most priceless gift that anyone can enjoy, to hold onto a photo that will transcend generations and bring you back to a moment or emotion.  When we look back over the years since the word “Sutography” rolled off of Holly’s tongue, we truly feel honored to be given this amazing opportunity.  And we love meeting and chatting with couples.  

 Your love story is about to begin a new chapter, filled with new dreams, new hopes and new firsts. Perhaps fate may have aligned your dream to collide with ours.


you are engaged

We can only imagine the excitement you have been experiencing as you plan for the wedding of your dreams. From the moment of the proposal, with a ring on your finger, you have been celebrating with your family and closest friends. As you plan every detail of the best day of your life, you can’t help remembering the history of your family. You respect their dedication to marriage, tradition and one another.

Your parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, they have all been here and now it is your time. Your Mom’s eyes well up with emotion as she puts on your veil. Your father places your hand in the hand of your best friend and the ceremony begins. He swore not to, but a tear falls down the cheek of your soon to be husband as he sees you walk down the aisle. We care about these moments, timeless, real, true and we share in the emotion you feel.



 Couples often ask us about posing, will they feel comfortable, will it be fun, will it take up the whole day?  And although the majority of our photography happens naturally and candidly during your getting ready moments, the ceremony and the reception, portraits with family, wedding party and of course the two of you, will be directed in what we like to call a “posed relaxed” style.  When it comes to family photos, these are typically the most formal of the day, we will plan for each individual and family grouping to ensure those closest to you are captured in minimal efficient timing so everyone can get to the celebration.

When it comes to your wedding party we photograph a variety of artistic portraits with fun candid interactions, our couples crave a mix of it all when it comes to your gorgeous entourage. And for the photos of the two of you together, we will capture a beautiful blend of romance, laughter and emotion. With our relaxed artistic direction and our attention to detail, everyone will be looking their best on camera without any of those cheesy awkward moments. 



Editing imagery is a very intricate part of everything we do for our couples.  We relive your day going through all of your photos and videos, perfecting every final image and editing your movies seamlessly to tell your wedding day story.  We deliver you the highest quality photographs and movies for you to cherish for a lifetime. 

Photography Editing

Together, we edit every single final image and we have mastered our editing flow to deliver you with photos that are vibrant, rich, and ready for print.  We absolutely love black and white imagery too and we always include a touch this classic look. Our blog and portfolio images are taken directly from our couples final edit, we do not re-edit for our portfolio, we edit right the first time. Our couples receive an average of 1200 final images based on the coverage for your day.  Every image you receive is high resolution delivered on USB with no watermark.  


Video editing

Transforming all the wedding day footage we capture and editing it into a seamless movie is one the things we look forward to the most.  All the high definition imagery is edited together into two movies, allowing you to experience the sites and sounds of your day over and over again.  The first movie is a full-length feature film.  All live events such as your ceremony, special dances, toasts, cake cutting, etc… are edited together and presented in real time.  All the getting ready moments, wedding details and candid footage are thoughtfully edited together. The result is a beautiful documentation of your wedding day.  The second movie is a highlight video, showcasing the key moments of your day edited in a modern music video style.  The combination of the full length movie and highlight movie allows you to share both your full day with those who perhaps couldn’t attend or simply family and friends who want to hear every detail all over again or just the highlights of the most memorable moments of your big day.  Our movies are delivered on Bluray or DVD along with digital versions of both movies.

our promise

As artists one of our main goals is delivering you the imagery of your dreams with a genuine approach and artistic style while honoring the individuals you are and the values you hold close. Accompanying this commitment is delivering an amazing experience for the two of you before, on and after the wedding day.  Our relationship is unlike any other as we begin this journey of becoming friends.As an engaged couple we feel that you deserve to feel like the only ones in the world getting married.  Holly will email, text or call you in a moments notice to chat about anything on your mind.  She will help you plan your day from the moment you wake up until the shoes are kicked off the dance floor. After the wedding, we dedicate hours to editing your final imagery.  Hand touching every final photograph for color, contrast and lighting.  Seamlessly editing our videos to tell your story like a Hollywood feature film. As modern day photographers, it’s not just about amazing imagery, it’s about your story, your vision and your experience.