Wedding Photography and Videography


You want it all and you should!  Sutography has been combined it's passion for photography and videography for over 8 years, capturing your day in both still images and motion pictures! 

How can we offer both?  When we started this journey documenting weddings over 14 years ago, our second wedding was our first documentation of both photo and video. As we continued to photograph weddings and our love for watching love stories flourished, we came to the realization that being able to capture the memories of a wedding day in both photo and video lifted our souls. When we were only photographers, we wish at times we were shooting video to capture the father of the bride's toast, when were only videographers we couldn't help but frame the perfect photos and freeze the moment.  As visual artists we knew we had to offer the fusion of photo and video to our couples.  We love what we do, whether it is photo or video, but when we combine the two something magical seems to happen.