Hello! We are Holly and Mat!


We each have a passion for storytelling that started for us at a young age. A connection that we both felt when we held a photo or watched a home movie. How these precious memories can now be held present to share with family and friends, both old and new. An ability for a single moment, a story or chapter in one’s life, to transcend for generations to come.


This obsession with storytelling led to each of us always having a camera in hand for as long as we each can remember.


Mat’s path began with his love for video in middle school, mentoring underclass through his high school years and making numerous award winning short skit videos before Tik-Tok or YouTube. He went on to launch his own freelance video production company, Mammal Productions, and covered events throughout Southern California.


Holly was always obsessed with family albums, her parent's yearbooks and magazines. This love of photography was directly tied to her fine art schooling, sketching, drawing, sculpting. Seeing the world through a lens or painting it with a brush, allowed her to share how she takes in and shares the world. Holly spent the early part of her career in corporate finance, managing a large staff, and learning the in’s and out’s of the entire business. An “accountant by day, artist by night” as she would joke with her friends.


Once our journeys finally brought us together and our entrepreneurial spirit was ignited, Sutography was naturally born.


So what the hell does this have to do with your wedding day!


1. We are obsessed with light, color and composition,

artistically directing all the planned photography with style and ease.

(don’t worry, Holly was a bartender and she can easily wrangle up family and a few buzzed groomsmen)


2. We will do anything for the perfect shot...

(like climb a wall, lay in the sand or get our feet wet).


3. We are very organized.

(Type A + Type B = Awesome sauce wedding photographers who help your day run smooth as butter)


4. Most importantly… We freakin’ CARE!

The artistry that we deliver you isn’t about social media or followers

(of course we hope you will have a blast sharing your photos!).

What it comes down to for us, what we strive to deliver you, is an amazing array of imagery that you will hold on to for a lifetime and will tell your own family legacy as a couple.


Ready to chat! Let's make it happen!