Brittany and Tyler’s Los Willows Wedding Day

A chance meeting while Brittany was visiting her cousin for her birthday and Tyler was out on the town with his best friend (best man), these two crossed paths and a spark was lit. After a year of dating long distance, Brittany relocated to be with Tyler and as she put it, “begin our lives together”. And then at the end of a fun day exploring Ponte Winery in Temecula Tyler got down on one knee and asked Brittany to marry him… she said that apparently she never said yes but it was implied.

Both arrived to the lush Los Willows Estate with their best friends and family, each party getting ready in the bride and groom suites.  You could feel the anticipation as they chose to wait until the ceremony to see each other and once they were finally side by side the energy was electric.  They shared that they really compliment each other, Tyler bringing out Brittany’s adventurous side and adds excitement to her life while Brittany has taught Tyler to focus on goals and that he can be whatever he wants to be.  Once they were officially married it was time to celebrate. And a surprise first dance with dry ice for the groom kicked off the reception.