Danielle and Eddie’s San Diego Wedding Day

From the very first moment we met with Danielle and Eddie you could feel their love, not just for each other but the loving energy they give off to anyone around them.   They were still beaming from their whirlwind proposal in Italy the summer before and to witness their dream wedding day unfold truly meant the world to us.  From the morning hours at their hotel rooms, preparing for their big day it seemed surreal to both of them.  Cards to one another with special messages really brought them into the moment and there wasn’t a dry eye in site when the church doors opened to reveal Danielle at the top of the aisle escorted by her father to meet her soon to be husband.  Family members participated in the ceremony traditions adding a special connection and memory for their day.  And finally, their first kiss at the altar steps meant this amazing couple was connected for a lifetime.  Everyone headed to Harbor Island to take in the views and enjoy the perfect San Diego day.  We watched the sunset over Point Loma before arriving to the historic El Cortez, the same place Danielle’s grandparents celebrated their wedding day.  It’s always hard to put into words what it means for us to capture a couple’s journey… so we let the photos and videos share the wedding day love story that we are so thankful to have watched unfold.




LeeAnna and Jake's Wedding Day

Ah, LeeAnna and Jake... where do we start with this fabulous down to earth fun-loving couple and their dream wedding day...

(and it seems serendipitous to us that their wedding is the first we have posted since the pandemic began in 2020.)


Words at this point don't necessarily have to be spoken anymore to share the emotions and patience that 2020 required from the world.

We very much recall all the conversations with couples as the news hit about shutdowns and specifically remember talking to LeeAnna and Jake 60 days out from their original June 2020 wedding date and all of us coming to terms with the fact that another year of waiting seemed inevitable. LeeAnna and Jake focused their energies together on enduring this journey with the hopes that one day their dream would come to fruition... in the words of the bride, there were a lot of lows with very little highs during the shifts and pivots of COVID-19.

Patience prevailed...

To witness them celebrating with their family and friends was like watching a dream come true.

What we would have taken for granted pre-pandemic magnified the fact that their wedding day was here.

This journey we have all been through is a personal one and left us feeling amiss and made it hard to share any "highs" we may have experienced through a global pandemic.

Jake and LeeAnna's wedding day meant as much to us as it meant to them!

A true symbol that love is the strongest bond and if you can hold on tight and never let go of your dreams, there is a rainbow on the other side.

Congrats Mr and Mrs Thompson, you are one of a kind and we will always remember the laughter, joy and DANCING that you never for a moment took for granted.