Fit for Your Wedding

As you count down the months and weeks leading up until your big day a common theme for most brides and grooms is fitness.  This can be super hard to balance between your normal workdays, classes, wedding planning and having a few moments of fun.  I also am constantly challenged to find time to workout and do a workout that counts.  Well, then I found Jillian Michael’s new workout and meal planning app and it has re-energized me to work out.  First off, it’s an affordable monthly plan, way less expensive than a gym membership.  Secondly, you can add your own music, this was so huge for me, I was so tired of working out to elevator music.  Third, you can pick how long you want your workout and what type, total body, cardio, upper body, so if you are in a jam, do a 10 minute workout or if you want to burn off those french fries you had with your bestie last night, choose the 30 minute.  Lastly, although I haven’t fully utilized it, she has meal planning too.  So, for all you Sutography Couples trying to tone up before your big day, I highly suggest you give this app a try.  Hope you enjoy!  Holly

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