Julius and Amanda’s San Diego Wedding Day

Talk about excitement for their big day, from the moment we heard from the soon to be groom you could feel the love he has for his future wife and their five children.  And their enthusiasm is contagious, we started calling, texting, helping in anyway for them to plan their big day from Iowa.  After 8 years of courtship, a surprise engagement with family and friends and months of planning, May 12, 2018 on the bluffs at Sunset Cliffs, these two would become husband and wife.  With suites at the Grand Manchester Hyatt, Amanda, her girls, her mom and aunt all gathered together to help the bride get ready while Julius and the boys transformed into some sharp dressed men with their gray suites, matching ties, socks and watches.  It was so fun to watch how close they were to all the kids after hearing about them for months!  Everyone headed to Sunset Cliffs and the San Diego weather could not have been more perfect, clouds danced lightly in the blue sky, it was warm with a perfect breeze and you could see for miles in all directions.  At last, all the preparation and anticipation, Amanda was escorted by her mom down the aisle to her soon to be husband and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.  Heartfelt vows, exchange of rings, a rock blessing, and their first kiss, they were officially Mr and Mrs Wilmington.  As the afternoon turned into evening, all their guests took in the amazing views and shared in the energy of this family’s love.  Their love story, from a shy introduction years ago, to raising a family that is super close knit, we are beyond blessed that we were welcomed into their lives for this special chapter and to call them friends for life!  We love The Wilmington’s!  Time to enjoy a little glimpse of their day with their highlight video and photos!