Stephanie and Andrew’s Aviation Vineyards Wedding Day

“Pure Joy!”  Those are the two words that we kept saying to ourselves while capturing and editing the images from Stephanie and Andrew’s dream wedding day.  The moment we walked onto to the vast property of Aviation Vineyard, there seemed to be an energy bouncing from the mountains to the sky and through the trees and it seemed to be ignited by the true love and excitement that this one of a kind couple exudes. Their romance budded years ago while still teenagers and now they officially were sharing with everyone they loved that there were going to do life together forever.  Steph literally was floating like a butterfly throughout the day, spending the afternoon getting ready with her mom, sister, cousin and best friends, laughing and reminiscing. Her soon to be husband Andrew literally couldn’t stop smiling and was enjoying all the little moments with his groomsmen leading up until their first look. The moment Stephanie touched Andrew’s hand as she approached him, he turned to see his bride and everything they had imagined was right in front of them.  You could feel their deep friendship and how much they cared for one another, their spark is undeniable and actually quite contagious. Guest began to arrive taking in the gorgeous mountain views leading up until their lawn ceremony.  Stephanie was escorted down the aisle by her dad, who couldn’t hold back his tears before giving away his daughter to her groom.  They shared personal vows, promised their love and at last, these two were officially married and ready to celebrate!  The afternoon turned into evening as the reception kicked off and everyone enjoyed the heartfelt toasts, the special dances, a fun bouquet and garter toss, and of course, lots of dancing!  It was an absolutely perfect day and we were so honored to witness their true love and pure joy together!  And as always, photos speak louder than words, time to enjoy their day!