Sutography Wedding Tip – The bride and her dress

Last week we shared our thoughts about the importance of timing for hair and makeup for a bride.  This week, we wanted to add to this same “bridal getting ready” tip by discussing the bride and her “dress” on the big day.  We always say the dress is like it’s own person, it normally has it’s own photo shoot.  More often than not though, we know more about how the bride getting into her dress than the rest of the people in the room.  Our tip is that every bride have one or two official dress helpers. All the wonderful sales people at the bridal shop make lacing, buttoning, tucking, zipping, look like a snap!  Unfortunately, it’s not always so simple.   We suggest on the last dress rehearsal to bring mom, bridesmaids, sisters, friends and not only have them there for moral support but also to learn how the bride gets into the dress.   If your dress laces or buttons up you should estimate about 10 minutes to get into your dress.  This can even take longer for a “novice” helper and no one wants to see a bride be anxious about what is going on literally behind her.   Plus many brides need to be tapped into their dress so that is something to consider.  Lastsly, it is just as important that someone knows how to bustle the dress too before the reception.  The last thing anyone wants is a 10 minute delay in the evening due to the fact no one knows what all those strings are for under the dress!   Every bride loves their dress and dreams about wearing it all day long, so just spend a little time letting others get to know the dress too!!!