Sutography Wedding Tip – Yes or No to a wedding day first look

0185_ljb0236_lnb0223_jcl0727_kgc0221_oawFirst look vs No First look: You have probably heard that it is best to take all formal photographs before the wedding and many couples are choosing to do a first look. You might be asking yourself…”What if we are more traditional and want to wait to see one another until the ceremony?” “Do we have to do a first look?” At Sutography we definitely pride ourselves in catering to the needs and desires of our couples. Contrary to common belief, many couples do wait until the ceremony to see each other for the first time. When it comes to why some couples choose a first look, it is often based on lighting, wanting to attend cocktail hour, hoping for a trip to a special location, and/or because of cultural traditions. Whether you are planning for a first look or wanting to stick to the tradition of waiting until the bride is walking down the aisle, we will help you plan the perfect timeline to capture everything you want.