Sutography Wedding Tip – Remember your sunscreen

Sunscreen is possibly one of the most important “little things” that often goes ignored by most people.  Obviously, everyone should wear sunscreen on a daily basis, but in relation to your wedding, this is the wrong time to ignore your sunscreen.  First and foremost, wearing sunscreen for the weeks leading up to the wedding will insure that you do not get burned or have unsightly sunglasses lines on your face.  And, having your wedding in Southern California, may mean that you have guests coming in from out of town who are not prepared for the intense sun.   More often than not, we see a guest, family member or wedding attendant with a little too much sun aka a sunburn.  If you are sending out an information sheet to your guests about San Diego, perhaps include a little tip about bringing sunscreen.  And, on the actual wedding day, sunscreen is just as important.  Most people would not go to the beach without sunscreen, and a wedding day is no exception, especially if it is an outdoor ceremony and/or a venue located next to the ocean.   Much of the days photos will occur outdoors, and although we try to keep our subjects out of direct sunlight, some days it is unavoidable.  Everyone should wear some type of sunscreen on their face, normally a moisturizer with sunscreen is less oily for the face than a typical sunscreen lotion.  The groom and groomsmen may be in jackets most of the day, however, the bride, bridesmaids and most women normally are exposing their arms, shoulders and/or backs.  So, be sure to think of sunscreen before everyone gets dressed and ready!  Long story short….be sure to have sunscreen on hand and enough to share with everyone!

Ask your makeup artist about MAC’s Prime and Prep with 50 SPF and if you are still searching for a makeup artist or hair stylist for your big day, please contact me for referrals!!