Chris and Perri’s Green Gables Wedding Day

Exactly one year after Chris’ surprise proposal in Napa and just a little over 7 years since they made that leap from college friends to a couple, Perri and Chris had their dream summer wedding day. In love with the lush garden, charming schoolhouse and rustic touches, Green Gables Wedding Estate was everything they had imagined and more. Their bride and groom suites and the constant glow of the sun beaming in through the trees, are a photographers daydream! The bridesmaids were dressed were a soft dusty blue, complimented by sage and white and the men were looking modern and sharp in their dark blue suites. After the bride had a private moment to see her father for the first time, Perri and Chris finally had their first look just outside the schoolhouse windows. From the moment they were finally side by side, the energy was lively and so full of joy. Their wedding party and family were just as excited as they were to have this day finally arrive! Their ceremony was officiated by a family friend and the couple shared their promises and hopes with their personal vows. Following the traditional ring exchange, these two kissed for the first time as husband and wife… and it was time to celebrate! We will let the photos do the talking and share their wedding day story!

LeeAnna and Jake's Wedding Day

Ah, LeeAnna and Jake... where do we start with this fabulous down to earth fun-loving couple and their dream wedding day...

(and it seems serendipitous to us that their wedding is the first we have posted since the pandemic began in 2020.)


Words at this point don't necessarily have to be spoken anymore to share the emotions and patience that 2020 required from the world.

We very much recall all the conversations with couples as the news hit about shutdowns and specifically remember talking to LeeAnna and Jake 60 days out from their original June 2020 wedding date and all of us coming to terms with the fact that another year of waiting seemed inevitable. LeeAnna and Jake focused their energies together on enduring this journey with the hopes that one day their dream would come to fruition... in the words of the bride, there were a lot of lows with very little highs during the shifts and pivots of COVID-19.

Patience prevailed...

To witness them celebrating with their family and friends was like watching a dream come true.

What we would have taken for granted pre-pandemic magnified the fact that their wedding day was here.

This journey we have all been through is a personal one and left us feeling amiss and made it hard to share any "highs" we may have experienced through a global pandemic.

Jake and LeeAnna's wedding day meant as much to us as it meant to them!

A true symbol that love is the strongest bond and if you can hold on tight and never let go of your dreams, there is a rainbow on the other side.

Congrats Mr and Mrs Thompson, you are one of a kind and we will always remember the laughter, joy and DANCING that you never for a moment took for granted.