Sutography Wedding Tip – Heels or no heels? That is the question!

I have to be honest, I don’t wear heels anymore, being a photographer that spends a lot of our time walking sideways and backwards, climbing and jumping and on the go requires flat shoes!  On the other hand, as photographers, we have always recommended that women wear some type of heel as it enhances a woman’s natural curvature.   Even if you can’t see the shoes under the dress or in a photo, heels add a little magic to modeling your body.  So our answer to the “Heels or No Heels” question, is yes, wear some type of heel (unless it makes you taller than you want).   There is a reason that all those supermodels wear heels!   Even for engagement session, heels really add a little fashion and drama.  And when it comes to choosing a heel, wedge heels are awesome, because you don’t have to worry about sinking into the ground and they offer extra stability.  BUT, if you already have those awesome stiletto heels picked out for you or the bridesmaids, then check out the heel protectors that keep the heels from sinking into the grass!   So, comfort aside (no one said it was easy to be a model for a day) we recommend a heel to show off your natural body shape and save the flip-flops for the dance floor!