Sutography Wedding Tip – Day of Makeup and Hair for bride

Bridal Tip: When scheduling makeup for the bride, do not necessarily make the bride last.  Why not you ask? It’s that “what if” question that we don’t ignore when it comes to how the bride looks.  “What if” the bride isn’t happy with something, “what if” the process takes longer than anticipated, “what if” a few people ahead of the bride where more critical about themselves and took longer.  Perfection is on everyone’s mind and attention to exactly when the bride needs to be ready is often not considered with so much going on.  Proper planning on makeup and hair is so critical.  We recommend all brides to schedule at least 90-120 minutes for hair and makeup (in one location) unless you have made a couple consistent test runs that went smoothly and more quickly.  For our couples, just let us know when you start your makeup and hair planning and we are happy to answer any questions you might have!